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What Light

Aug 2010: Smiling Z Studios is providing limited production support to Tom McIntire's Shakespeare-inspired short drama What Light.

Creative Director Tom McIntire graduated from the 2009 Artist Trust EDGE Professional Development Program for Filmmakers in Dec 2009.

ReelHeART International Film Festival

2010 ReelHeART International Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition

Update: ReelHeART 2010 went on hiatus due to the current economic climate.

Smiling Z Studios was designated as the production partner in the 2010 RHIFF short screenplay competition.

Aug 4 fundraising event
Tom McIntire with the stars of Greenspoke,
Tim Gouran and Mikano Fukaya
Photo by Alfarozierten

August 4 Fundraiser Screening a Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out for a special screening of Tom Mcintire's award-winning short two julias and a sneak preview of his latest project, the environmentally themed sci-fi thriller Greenspoke. Good food, no-host bar, two movies and live music from The Daguerreotypes. Special thanks to Donut's Doughnuts for free donut coupons, Central Cinema for hosting so well, and to donors and volunteers Sandi Curry, Abigail Metcalf, Tom and Adriana Alfarozierten and Kurt Davis!

If you are a filmmaker or performing artist interested in participating in a future event like this, please e-mail us.

Smiling Z Studios feeds the artists while feeding the art. Local actors and crew often are called upon to work for nothing to help struggling filmmakers. While this may get a film made, it creates an environment where creative work is not valued and compensated. We like to think of what we are doing as fair trade film. Here's how we are different:

  1. With few exceptions, everyone who works on our productions gets paid.
  2. We raise enough money to run professional productions even when working with a limited crew.
  3. We use talent from many of the local live theatre groups and schedule in such a way as to maximize their availability for other work.
  4. We schedule our crew during slow times to ensure we don't conflict with higher paying commercial and industrial gigs. This has the added bonus of making equipment rentals more affordable.

Smiling Z Studios is a non-profit corporation that evolved out of Tom McIntire's for-profit concern, Smiling Zombie Productions. We decided to become a non-profit film studio because our focus is on the work and the artists. As a partner organization of non-profit arts organization Shunpike, we believe we are in the best position to achieve our artistic and fair-minded production goals. While many of our colleagues leave the Northwest to pursue their film careers in Los Angeles, we believe we have the talent and the skill base here to do extraordinary work that helps everyone involved in the productions. We want to produce quality work that will be recognized and help fund future productions in a sustainable manner.

Your support now will help us build a stronger, more sustainable filmmaking community here in the Pacific Northwest. Use the Donate Now button on the left side of the screen to make a one-time or recurring donation. Thank you!


About Shunpike

Shunpike is a 501c3 non-profit art service organization, whose mission is to strengthen the Seattle arts community by partnering with small and mid-size arts groups to develop the business tools they need to succeed. It was founded in 2001 to support a vibrant and diverse local arts community where arts groups of all sizes could thrive. Working in close partnership with these groups, Shunpike helps solve problems quickly and impart vital skills in finance, organizational management and arts administration. Since inception, they have supported work by more than 2,000 artists in live performance, film, literary arts, visual arts and arts education.